EP28 – Conversation with Loupe Magazine Editor and photographer, Luke Archer

Luke Archer is the editor of Loupe Magazine, a printed photography zine which “showcases outstanding images and engaging projects” and is distributed free through various stockists of which Flow Photographic is proudly one.

I was fascinated to understand how such a high quality and free magazine could come into being in a world dominated by commercialism and the cult of celebrity. Here is a magazine that offers a quiet discourse on photography in a way that is missing from many of the mainstream offerings in print and online.

Luke goes into his background and generously offers up factors that have driven him and the other people dedicated to the Loupe project to produce a magazine that punches way above its class in the plethora of photographic publications available. 

Loupe also engages with Instagram in an innovative way, using it to bring submitted work to a wider audience.

Issue 6 is just out – at the time of posting – and you can find copies at any of the stockists listed on their site or check out their Instagram.


Insta @loupemage

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