2 thoughts on “EP19 – PHOTOMUSE 3”

  1. Many sharp observations Alex. Maybe the only ‘dogma’ for any art is, ‘make it new!’
    For any rule you name, you will always find some who produces great work by breaking that rule.
    Nothing changes more than culture. There are light years between the Miles Davis of Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew.
    Maybe that would be a great way to teach: find a rule you really like and then break it

  2. Thanks Keith, agree kind of but ‘new’ for new’s sake might not be the best of motives and may produce something empty. That is just my instinctive reading.

    I think that work is ‘automatically’ new if it expresses the desires of the artist in a way that is innately ‘of’ that artist. The work must join in with a wider conversation and, simultaneously, express the desires of the artist. ‘Newness’ is a byproduct of this chemistry but not the aim.

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