Ep10 – On visiting Calais Refugee Camp

This episode of Photographica Podcast is about a recent visit to the refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’.

I went there with the writer, Tom Blass, and our objective was to discover more for ourselves about the crisis that is unfolding just a few miles from our shores.

This podcast is a description of the trip and the problems facing photographers getting access when restrictive regimes are in place. It is also about the way that the way you, as a photographer, connect to the environment in which you find yourself and how that defines the work you do.

Lastly, something I didn’t mention in the podcast; the role of colour in describing a scene. When I started to look at the pictures that I had shot in the camp I converted some to black and white. Doing this seemed a travesty against the telling of the story that I had witnessed. I learned the lesson that colour is necessary when trying to depict a scene where the details matter. It is of lesser importance that colour rendition is ‘subjective’ than to show as much detail as possible of a space that requires serious attention.

You can see more of the pictures at www.alexschneideman.net

If you are affected by the crisis and would like to help please contact Help for Refugees who are supporting people in Calais and other migrant centres.

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