EP – 27 Conversation with Professor Greg Currie (republish edited)

This conversation between me, Alex Schneideman, and Professor Greg Currie is a discussion about the edges of reality and how that concerns photography and image making.

Greg Currie is Professor of Philosophy and Head of Research at York University. The conversation was inspired by another podcast (Philosophy Bites) in which Greg talked about the nature of film, addressing questions about perception and time in relation to the movies.

I was thrilled that Greg agreed to the recording. I write about ideas and the philosophy of photography every month in B+W Photography Magazine so it was a chance to present some ideas to a man who is ideally suited to engage with them.

Greg’s patience with me is awesome and his authority is underlined by the way he engaged calmly with me in what must have been a trying hour for him!

Please listen and let me know if anything occurs to you as a result.

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