Ep – 15 PhotoMuse 1

In which your host, Alex Schneideman, searches for a recording style that suits the vicissitudes of working and travelling and not always having the ‘correct energy’ to go to the studio and script a monologue.

Back to me – Today I take a walk down Portobello musing passed the muses and wondering about why tourists spend so much money on photo gear and coming to a much deeper conclusion about selfies. I even remember my brilliant and lucky discovery about how to get shadow detail who shooting own bright sunlight. 

More than anything I have been inspired by listening to other podcasts where I’ve (slightly) fallen in love with the swirling, riffing speech of people who can talk and think at the same time. I aim to learn. 

Let me know what you think. Get at me at alex@flowphotographic.com.

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PS If you have any ideas about subjects I should cover let me know.

Image below that I shot during the ‘muse’…



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