Inkjet prints are the most versatile and archival method of printing available to photographers today.

At FLOW we are expert in the many papers available and know how to make each one work according to its strengths.

Whether you require a single print, a short run of edition prints or a long run of value prints we are expert in helping you get the most out of the medium.


An inkjet print, sometimes referred to as ‘Giclée’, is a print made with pigment inks sprayed on to a coated paper. The coating enables the ink to be absorbed accurately and to prevent it from spreading. The coating is often nothing more than calcium carbonate (chalk) or gloss papers my have a traditional Baryta surface. The coating enables the full expressive power of the inks to shine out without being diminished by absorption.

A print’s archival qualities are determined by the combination of the paper and ink. The inks must be pure pigment, that is to say, pure colour that its not ‘fugitive’ (fades over time). The paper must be acid free and can be made of pure cotton or cotton and wood pulp mix.

We are happy to advise you on the various properties of the many papers available.


Some of the papers we carry as regular stock:

  • Hahnemuhle Photorag 308
  • Hahnemuhle Baryta
  • Hanemuhle Museum Etching
  • Innova – various
  • Somerset – various
  • Epson Enhanced Matte
  • Epson Semi Matte 190
  • Awagami Kozo – various

All our papers are custom calibrated and monitored continually.

We are happy to source papers not in our standard range. Please ask.



We use various sizes of Epson printers which all carry 11 Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks.

Spectraview Multiscan Reference – various screen sizes.


To match your screen to ours please set your monitor to 100CDT at 56K. Use Adobe 1998 colour space when exporting.


  • For most print applications an 8bit Tiff or flattened PSD of about 50MG will suffice for prints up to A3+.
  • If significant retouching is required please make sure your files are 16bit tiffs/psd etc.
  • Please flatten files (remove layers) unless you have discussed this with us first.
  • If your monitor is calibrated then review your images prior to sending in ‘Monitor RGB’.


  • If working in Photoshop or Lightroom please export without attaching a paper profile.
  • All paper that we print on have custom profiles made and regularly reviewed and updated