EP11 – Conversation with James Mooney – gangs photographer

From London to New York, LA and Manchester plus points in-between James Mooney connects with so-called gang members to discover the story behind the prejudice.

James comes from a tough district of Dublin where he grew up with a choice; to join or not to join? That was the question. Now James lives between NYC and London and has made connections with gangs all over the world into which he has gained unprecedented access.

Trust is crucial to Mooney’s work and when you listen to him taking about his photography it won’t surprise you that he breeds trust wherever he goes. Indeed, when he came into my studio I was immediately intrigued by this softly spoken Irishman and wanted to know more. A big ego would not get you very far in the world of young men who live beyond the normal.

Another facet of Mooney’s relationship to his work is that he is incredibly modest about it. The only way you can see his images (at the moment) is through his Instagram,  ‘pointshootthink‘.

Please listen in full to this fascinating discourse on a man’s quest to make sense of young people, their alienation and culture.