Ep11 – The inspiring and eloquent Aileen O’Sullivan – a singular documentary maker

Aileen O’Sullivan represents a double first for Photographica. She is the first woman to feature and she is NOT a stills photographer. Rather Aileen is a veteran director and producer from New Zealand who has worked both sides of the truth line, i.e. she has directed drama as well as hard factual documentaries as well as other work that lands somewhere in between.

I really wanted to make a recording with Aileen because, although, she isn’t strictly speaking, a photographer her desire to tell a story using a camera is relevant to the work of stills photographers and I thought I might learn something from this alternative perspective. I was right – Aileen talks intelligently and with great experience about what to takes to develop and follow a story. She is an artist first foremost and our conversation touched on every aspect of what it takes to go to the heart of a story.


Aileen directed the highly acclaimed ‘Black Grace‘ which follows a contemporary indigenous New Zealand dance company on its way to glory in America. Please take a look also at seannachie.com which is Aileen’s own website.

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